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Our Team

Auritro Chakraborty, Demi Pham, Ann Paul

As the executive leaders of Dollars4Scholars, we as a team strive to revolutionize the spread of financial knowledge and set up the youth of the world for success.

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Auritro Chakraborty - CEO & Project Manager (Middle)

Auritro Chakraborty, the CEO & Project Manager, is young gentleman from Houston, Texas. Ever since he was little, he shadowed his father as he traded, invested, and managed a company. Auritro took the knowledge he received from his father and implemented it into the Dollars4Scholars curriculum. Auritro's outstanding management, leadership, and decision-making qualities have taken Dollars4Scholars to the next level. In the upcoming months, Auritro wishes to spread this course worldwide. 

Demi Pham - COO & Curriculum Developer (Far Left)

Demi Pham, the COO & Curriculum Developer, is a bright mind from Houston, Texas. Growing up she has always wanted to spread knowledge and impact the youth of our community. Demi's remarkable organization, comprehension, and effort skills have helped bring Dollars4Scholars to where it is today. She wishes to continue to spread her knowledge to millions of young minds in the world.

Ann Paul - CMO & Lead Tutor (Far Right)

Ann Paul, the CMO & Lead Tutor, is an enthusiastic young woman from Houston, Texas. One of Ann's favorite things to do is to be behind the camera and spread knowledge, joy, and love for education to millions of kids. Ann's personal lesson videos have touched the hearts of our Dollars4Scholars participants. She hopes to continue to improve the financial literacy of everyone she comes across.

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