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Dollars4Scholars' primary goal is to ensure that students are empowered with essential financial knowledge and skills. While we focus highly on this education, we recognize the importance of providing job opportunities to put these skills to use.

Here at Dollars4Scholars, we want to allow students to apply their knowledge to gain valuable experience on the path to financial literacy and independence. 

Job Opportunities 



Job Description: Offers various roles (cashier, stocker, bagger) that include assisting customers, maintaining a clean workspace, handling transactions

Job Requirements: Strong customer service, ability to work efficiently and quickly

Age Requirements: 16+

Salary: Typically begins at minimum wage or higher

Remote/In-Person: In-Person

Chick - Fil - A


Job Description: Take customer orders, ensuring excellent customer service, maintain clean workplace, food preparation 

Job Requirements: Customer-focused attitude, strong work ethic, ability to work fast-paced

Age Requirement: 16+

Salary: Varies by position but begins at minimum wage

Remote/In-Person: In-Person



Job Description: Freelance transcription and captioning for various content types

Job Requirements: Strong language skills, access to internet and computer

Age requirement: 18+

Salary: Project based and depends on the complexity of task completion

Remote/In-Person: Remote

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